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Rick Perry for Vice Principle 2015, this guys just makes cents. Advertisements

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So, speakin of the internet

Live update 12 02 local times Wasted, possibly. Ranking of half ton pick up powertrains is as follows 1. Ford Ecobbost twin turbo Super Sportz 4. Chevy Gmc Fart Mobile 5.3 Liter 12. Dojge Cummins Tubs Diessel 409. Corvette Camro … Continue reading

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You’re welcome. Turn your volume up all the way and explore. If you have a laggy computer this site is going to wig your shit out. I’m… just speechless.

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I’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE OUR TWO NEW CONTRIBUTBERS, TANGLE MAN AND WHISSKYBOATCAR MAN!!!! They will be helping the beeftember blog founders write about the world, and they are old enough to feel ways about stuff and junk. SCHEDU-LOL:^) TANGLER:  Thursday:  … Continue reading

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smoochin’, havin’ a good time

I don’t have anything to say about last weekend’s game except that I got very very very drunk. So here are some gifs of cats n’ dogs n’ stuff.

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LSU Nick Names ! ! !

Patrick Peterson – PP7; Kelvin Sheppard – Middle Maniac; Drake Nevis – Tha Penetrator; Richard Murphy – Dick Murphy; Stevan Ridley – Bash Man; Rueben Randle – Tall Strong Man; Russell Shepard – Shifty Powers; Craig Loston – Big Poppa; … Continue reading

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Cool pix of the moment

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