Best-tember Check List

1. Make beer pong trophy for football season.
2. Jamb session.
3. Uptown drinkin’:
a. Mrs. Mae’s
b. Half Moon
c. Mayfair Lounge
d. Circle Bar
e. Bruno’s
4. Frenchman drinkin’:
a. Sidney’s
b. Dragon’s Den
5. Tourist night:
a. Hard Rock Cafe
b. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
6. Baton Rouge Drinkin’ (Tiger Weekly specials)
7. LSU Games:
a. Vandy (away) Sept 11 – maybe
b. Miss St. Sept 18
c. WVU Sept. 25
d. Tennessee Oct 2
8. Best Briend BrirthdayBramble Sept 4-5
9. White Russians, Black Russians, Old Fashioned, Maker’s and Coke, G and T’s,  Godfathers, Rob Roys, Irish Coffees?, Soco and Lime.
10. Local concerts – even if they’re shitty.


Rip- 2.5 beers, 25 coke floats, 12 Bourbon Whiskeys

Beau- more beers than Rip, 41 Popsicles, 8 shots of poweraid

Jason- 6 beers…. throws up in a cab, or non cab car

Johnathon- drank so much he had a baby….  we call him mister baby dadz


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