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Beach Trip Do’s and Dew’s

The big beach trip is coming up, and all the contributors to the blog must be in attendance. Don’t forget your press passes and Budbuzz sidekick blogging devices. All dues are dew to Dale Warmhearted Jr. By the 14th of … Continue reading

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Live updates from jash beans barfday

agenda: 1. Drink 10+ abv beers 2. Woffle house 3. Here w go tigersaaz 4. Eating beer n drinking beer 5. Build with LEGOS 6. haapy birthday Josh huh 7. Owe me checks, oh me secks 9. Eight 10. Legs … Continue reading

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As many of you know, I am an oil man. Everyone’s always asking me “Bo, what do you do as an oil man?” Being an oil man is extremely luxurious, and I lead quite a flashy life. If I’m not … Continue reading

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Scandal can happen anywhere, and at anytime.  Look no further than the Pennsylvania State fiasco for evidence of this.  But an earth-shattering scandal of this proportion taking place in small-town Louisiana? Wow. I mean…. holy fuck.  What follows is a recap … Continue reading

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SNACK EVOLUTION: A Statistical Analysis of the Corporate Structure and Business Strategy of Big Snack

ABSTRACT  If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of in the world, they were new fast foods and junk foods.  I’m sorry for the poor grammar in that last sentence, but I can’t take back what has already been … Continue reading

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Good Morning

Here is a picture of Don Draper in some sort of anime outfit. Notice the beret, arm laser blaster, and bandolier of microphones. Enjoy!

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Talkin’ Shop: What the Heck PickupTruck Do I Wanna Buy?

  Allrighty guys this is something I’ve wanted to discuss for quite awhile now-the pros and cons of the engines of ½ ton pickups available for purchase right here in the good ole US of A.  I’ve done plenty of … Continue reading

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