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You’re welcome. Turn your volume up all the way and explore. If you have a laggy computer this site is going to wig your shit out. I’m… just speechless.

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Fancy Football: Draft Analyzin’

With all this talk about the fantasy footballs, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and discuss some “dews” and don’ts for this year’s draft. Here goes. 1. Red “Honky Tonk” Raggler Let’s face it. These past 3 … Continue reading

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Adventures in Drinking #1, a prequel to Adventures in Drinking #2

I did some research into some new drinking games to prep for Beach Camp 2: Return to Camp Jellyjam. Here is what I found. Mooseknuckles: First off, mooseknuckles is a fucking retarded name for a drinking game. I feel like … Continue reading

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Marvel lolz

I totally ripped these off of but they made me lol. lol.

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offfical sat pat

caus sdereams lasr for so long even afff ew gooooo i know you lov me bt soo we wil be you ew re ment fo me fand i weas ment for you jewe;l aside it s time to recap the … Continue reading

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Which Band Is Shittier? (A Gentleman’s Debate): Def Leppard vs. Kiss

I feel like it really needs to be addressed how abysmally shitty these two bands were.  The fact that these two fartfests had/still have enormous fan bases gives me a very uneasy feeling that the apocalypse may be near. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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