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Trip update

All, I have booked us a quad room. Payment needs to be submitted by October 10. See you there. XOXO CBW Advertisements

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Shit I ate

So the rugrat’s in the living room watching Corporate Raiders form Dimension X on her portable dvd player: time to break fast. Recipe for KICK ASS CINNAMON TOAST Yield: 4 pcs (if you use 4 peices of bread) – otherwise … Continue reading

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Live blog from Emery power gospel hour

Start here: Chimes shrimp and gritz : 8.72/13 Location: Spanish Moon Time: 20:08 Horses and Airwaves: as satisfying as a fake poop prank. Blegh… Wow, and the Internet huh Qe are seeing the band enet Live bloggin o can’t believe … Continue reading

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Firsday Drinkin GamEZ (EZ,get it?)

13:38- Johnny strikes onest… 2 microbrews down. (can’t spell the name, I’m in $Texas ya dummies) Oh, I got Drinkin Boots on suckas… 20:50 – I’m in TEXAS too, currently drinking zero microbrews. How did the NBA Draft go? Here’s … Continue reading

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Rick Perry for Vice Principle 2015, this guys just makes cents.

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Drinking overseas

Wedding on Saturday night, white folks dancing like their melanin increased ten fold. I don’t want to live in this world any more. Seacrest out. I have a good idea

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