About The Team Mates

Bob Prether

  • Engineer
  • likes popsicles
  • drives a TRUCK
  • has brown hair

Jace-san Bobdreaux

  • hes doctor man
  • his wii is broken!!!!
  • drives a TRUCK
  • has brown hair

Mr Ronny Dinnercoler

  • plant MAN
  • car Driver
  • Brown Hair
  • wears shorts and caps

Jim Sims

  • Used to drive a truck, Car Driver currently
  • Baby
  • Silly Hair
  • Plays the games, yeah?


This is for us to plan and laugh about Bestember.  It is a holiday with drinking, music, and games.  Maybe we post an update from the field, or a recap of events from the party, or maybe an opinionated review of some type of media?  I am not sure but bet on one thing it will be stupid.

We support Fender guitars products, Miller Beer of all types, Makers Mark whisky, scotch, Diora Baird, Denise Milani, Patrick Peterson and the Tigers, funny jokes, Sidneys on Decatur, and Northgate Tavern… Also Echo outdoor power equipment, Sthil outdoor power equipment, Honda generators, Honda outboard boat engines (115hp-250hp), Yamaha outboard boat engines (10hp- 300hp), Tempurpedic mattresses, TigerDroppings.com, and of course the Ford 150 (2011+ only)


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