Beach Trip Do’s and Dew’s

The big beach trip is coming up, and all the contributors to the blog must be in attendance. Don’t forget your press passes and Budbuzz sidekick blogging devices. All dues are dew to Dale Warmhearted Jr. By the 14th of whenever. Dues break down as follows

Party Axcess – $670 – includes 3D ID bracelets, Heineken mini kegs, a Hydro Thunder arcade cabinet, and two Meal Deal coupons

Party Access – $352 – includes two fire axes and a smaller hatchet for self-defense purposes

Wardrobe Augmentation – $890.54 – state of the art technology will allow American flags, tribal designs, and camp patterns to be superimposed on one’s skin and clothing

DKC 2 Fee – on the house – includes a copy of Donkey Kong Country 2

Beer Monies – $12,545 – all you can drink bud platinums, skyy blue sports, and 100 proof hot damn

Flora Bama Fund – £120 – will provide transportation to the bar in a monster truck and allowances for the Lobster Grabber game

Insurance – $140/month – better to be safe than sorry. Used for emergencies involving total liquor loss

Hats? – 45 pesos – must be cowboy


1. Drive down interstate 10

2. ????????

3. Profit


Add yours hear! Bo – Big Bear
JBonez – Dr. Nasty


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