Live blog from Emery power gospel hour

Start here:
Chimes shrimp and gritz : 8.72/13

Location: Spanish Moon
Time: 20:08

Horses and Airwaves: as satisfying as a fake poop prank. Blegh…

Wow, and the Internet huh
Qe are seeing the band enet
Live bloggin o can’t believe it
Emery emergency
Medd meddle metallic

This band is good but they’re no demon day #demondaymurderfest
This is Dr nasty. Just lissnin to jambs eatin some hams
Dr nasty out

Keep sceillin

Keep scrolling i mean

Great Job

Vocalists shirt is off, shits getting real, talk.

This is where my member gets rock hard.

“this ones about a teacher that inspired me to do my best, no matter what… scream whomp whop whomp dun dun dun dunnnn”

Proposed NEW Christian Metal Band : Between the Lord and Me.

Next band (Smyth ling live stone beer?) – “Yeah…Yeah… Yeah”
I ah don’t know what this guy’s saying.

What a mess, ever heard of zip ties?


“here comes the breakdown”

‘so, here’s my knife because I came for the buffet”


Boo, party song? …

Great song

Great song

Great song

‘We don’t really feel like walking off stage and then coming back for a last song. So, we’re going to turn around and face the wall after this next song. Let us know of you want to hear another.” – Toby


Overall score: 17/4.32

Happy birthday America.


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