Firsday Drinkin GamEZ (EZ,get it?)

13:38- Johnny strikes onest… 2 microbrews down. (can’t spell the name, I’m in $Texas ya dummies)

Oh, I got Drinkin Boots on suckas…

20:50 – I’m in TEXAS too, currently drinking zero microbrews.

How did the NBA Draft go? Here’s how it went: #1 pick Dunkman Dangus to the New Jerzey Jentleman #2 pick Frank Crinket to the Dutch National Team #5 pick Bass K. to the Washingtonio Who cares

Politics news: Government voted today on four new taxes and three new laws; Government picked Grary Grears #35 in the NBA Draft. Grary vetoed all the new billz and the taxez

Updates will be updated when we receive telegrahams

16:00- Johnny and I brung my +1, Mr Australia. And this… imageLook at that graphite ^

19:106 – Tank Top Talks

Pros: Stylish, Breathability, Flexability, Good for the Penny Pinchers (no wasted fabrics)

Cons: Do Not Support Pearl Snaps (ie cowboy shirts), Storage, Jealousy (possible retributions for ?)

Final Verdict: A-


10:47-double B+Cs, Yeh I’m an astrology major.

“I got my swagger back”… Rap musical… Broadway… Pdiddy… As himself and big pun. Should follow closely the plot of wwwest, except x10 the mechanical spyders.

Do it, we make mucho hondo.


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doodles, freedom fries, smokin jackets, crispy butter sandwiches
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