Statistical Analysis and other forms of data manipulation

So there is a lot of talk out there of recent graphs, and charts depicting great information about statistics. Let me be the first to tell you, its all a bunch of malorkey. Data from these recent charts and diagrams take into account false research, and varied data variables from  multiple years of fact hunts. The research that was put into this research was clearly misconstrued from the beginning (YOU CANT USE MULTIPLE WAY POINTS WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE GENERIC COMPUTER MODEL!!!), your data will be skewed every time.

Just take a look at these two graphs. Can you tell which one is a data manipulation? (look closely)

Graph 1: Can you see the data?

Graph 2: Whats wrong with this data? (Keep your answer in your head)


Ok, so now that you have had some to compare and contrast the data charts above which one do you think is the data manipulation?

Correct: Graph 4 (not pictured)


We will continue this fasinating discussion at a later date

-Rip Dinnercooler

aka tanglebutt



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One Response to Statistical Analysis and other forms of data manipulation

  1. I’d like to T-Test this MANOVA…..LOLZ

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