Adventures in Drinking #1, a prequel to Adventures in Drinking #2

I did some research into some new drinking games to prep for Beach Camp 2: Return to Camp Jellyjam. Here is what I found.

First off, mooseknuckles is a fucking retarded name for a drinking game. I feel like an asshole just typing it. I’m going to rename this game “Ice to Meet You” (alternatively called “Have an Ice Day”). This is a pretty simple variation of quarters in which you set an empty ice tray on a table and number the individual trays like so:

You then basically bounce the quarters in bozo-style into the trays. The first column is GIVE and the second column is TAKE. Depending on what number you bounce the quarter in, you give or take that number of seconds. My drink of choice for this game is Busch-whackers (1 part Kahlua, 1 part milk, 1 can Busch beer. It’s a bushwhacker with Busch instead of rum).

I can see this being really easy when sober or buzzed but pretty tough when very drunk, therefore this game should be reserved for when you are shit-faced. One person starts and you go around in a circle. The first person points to a body part and says a different body part aloud. A player might point to his nose and say “This is my thumb” for example. The next person in line has to then point to the body part that the previous person said, but call it something different. Point to thumb and say “This is my ear” for example. Drink when you mess up. For extra best friend nerdiness, I’m going to add that you have the option of naming fictional mutated body parts. For example, bone claws or techno-organic skin. In retrospect, this might be a pretty dumb game. My drink of choice for this, Dr. Nasties (whiskey and olive juice).

Century Club:
This is basically power hour, except you drink for 100 minutes instead of 60. Not that creative really. I just really want to be able to tell people that I’m in the Century Club. My drink of choice for this game: Best Beefers (Milwaukee’s Best with a dropshot of Beefeater gin).

7-11 Doubles
This is a simple dice game that can get you super fucked up. Players take turn chugging beer until the other player rolls 7, 11, or doubles. My drink of choice for 7-11 Doubles is an Orange Jülius (this one is actually delicious probably; orange juice and Jägermeister).

Code Words (aka Alcoholic Eye-Fuck)
This is a game that I just made up. It’s a great game to creep out strangers with. This game requires at least two people. Basically, before meeting someone new you come up with a secret topic or category (Jimmy Eat World songs, for example). You then approach a stranger and one player strikes up a conversation and tries to work words pertaining the secret topic (i.e. code words) into the conversation without actually saying the category. (For example, “Yeah I grew up in the Anderson Mesa.” or “I’m finished with this Busch-Whacker. Is there like a Table for Glasses or something around here that I can put it on?”) When one of the code words is spoken, the second player has to take like a good long 8-10 second chug all while creepily staring straight into the stranger’s eyes. The game ends when either the stranger makes the connection between the code words and the chugging or the stranger is creeped out and leaves. The awesome thing about this game is that that the stranger thinks that the player is an alcoholic sexual deviant. And unfortunately for the stranger, that’s exactly what I am. An alcoholic sexual deviant. My drink of choice for this game is Maker’s Fart (Maker’s Mark and Foster’s Australian beer). Ask the stranger if he/she wants one for extra effect.

Aside: We need to make a photo like this.


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