2005-2045 hurricane preparedness guide for local louisiana man and woman

Alright yall get ready for a whopper of a hurricane season 2k11( not NBA 2k11). Local and nation media outlets (HBO, Catholic channel 12) warn this season could be the worst on record. I for one am not gonna take any chances, so I put together this guide for all the newbs who are not ready for the hurricane parade. First i will give you a list of essential supplies every family should have!!!!!

Hurricane Supply list

1). Batteries

2.) Batteries

3.) Batteries

4.) Batteries

5.) Honda 2000EU generator (6 per person) around 1005.00 a piece

6.) 16 glows sticks ( your choice of color)

7.) 2-3 52inch HDTVs

8.) a new rug ( in case yours gets hurricanes water on it)

9.) Allen wrench (just metric)

10.) Allen wrench ( standard for cooking your pheasant with)

11.) pheasant

12.) A fire hose….. you can use this as rope for extreme rescue missions.

13.) Rope ( can be used as something to burn to stay warm at night)

14.) Fresh flowers ( in case the hurricane hits while your on a date)


Ok well guys thats really all you need to get through the up coming hurricane/ earthquake season, so be sure to stock up. Also if dont have much money just put it on layaway, or on a tax free credit card.


be safe out there


Ronny Dinnercola aka tangle butt



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