The summer of twenty-eleven plans to be monumentous according to upcoming musical releases. 

We get a new CD of Duets from…ya boi…Mike Bolton entitled “Gems.”  

Looking good Mike.
Mr. Fred Durst plans to “hit us up” with some HXC rhymes with the newest release from his “band” with a album entitled Gold Cobra where he explores the tribulations of growing up asian in middle America.
Expect new releases from Incubus, 3 doors down, Lenny Kravitz, Taking Back Sunday, Jeff Bridges??, 12 Stones (apparently still a band), some country music, and others…
The real reason we gathered here today is to discuss two Summa albums which are actually worth 10 bucks.
1) August Burns Red-Leveler
ABR starts off heavy and never lets up (sorry rip) in their latest release. This is the album your granmaws and peps have been waiting for. ABR rides their jam extensions (instruments) hard and puts them up wet.

“I definitely don’t feel like we’re the ‘new guys’ in the scene anymore. We have our sound figured out at this point,” says AUGUST BURNS RED guitarist JB Brubaker.
Figured it out, boy have they.
Notable tracks:
*Cutting the Ties, jamb jamb jamb
*Pangaea-EPIC cowbell and riffage
*Internal Cannon-EPIC song name
Note: I was only able to sample the album for a breif time but doggonit I likeed it. 
2) Lil Wayne-Tha Carter IV
Originally scheduled to come out June 21st, the album has been delayed to August 28th (Most likely to fix the god aweful screen tearing we all witnessed in the demo). Wayne has been tight lipped about the new album but rest assured we are all in for a rip roarin’ good time when this album “drops like it’s hot.”
 Also, lets try to see FSF before they stop this tour, New Jersey anyone?

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