offfical sat pat

caus sdereams lasr for so long even afff ew gooooo

i know you lov me bt soo we wil be

you ew re ment fo me fand i weas ment for you

jewe;l aside it s time to recap the night

mw and scoots wnert to bulldog on mafs and got a drunk on and then wentr dt to gfo meet scotts hot cousijsn. we wnrt to the catts meow butt theyf unwerenbt there but instead scoots friencf,… i dont nknwo id you remenfber him but he was the ude e at the sweater wparty who wqasa kind of wei9rd loojing and he owjre a pink swaetetr… anuywary we got drunbk with hum and hten fort got hand gernaddes. thatj dfixkewd us uip. then we met up withh steph ath a grate karaoke abr… called buddha bellly my cfacvoerite bar… and sheh was with her counseling f driends.. some oh f wigich oare hkind oifh hjotjrdf……f and we s naf sang karaoke…..

i asnfg sangf                say itr aint so by qewwweezer and also totes ecliples of the hart. (brett hart)

scootsd sang a taylie swift song i htink.

aaand it was a good nighgt but i fwish mty bwsr fruwebds wS THERE


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One Response to offfical sat pat

  1. I was 84% sucessful in the translation of this post from a mobile device over drinks at NGT. I will try my best here although I lack the assistance of ETOH.

    Lyrics to “”You were meant for me” by the canidian(ref?) artist Jewel.

    Time for a recap of tonights activities:

    Scott and I went to the Bulldog pub on mafs(sp?), consumed some adult beverages, and became inebriated. We then went to meet up with Scott’s attractive cousin. We initially thought she would be at The Cats Meow bar, but she was not there. However we ran into Scott’s friend. You may remember him from the sweater party, he was the “novice cow rancher” who looked strange and was wearing pink sweater. Anyway, we got further inebriated with hime and then purchased hand granades which further enhanced our inebriation. We then met up with Stephanie (wife), at a wonderful karoke bar called Buddha Belly, this is my new favorite bar. She was accompanied by freinds from her counceling coursework classes and some of them were attractive. We all sang karoke…

    I sang “Say it aint so” by Weezer and “Total eclipse of the heart” by Brett Hart(Ref?)

    Scott sang some songs by Taylor Swift, I think.

    It was a good night, but I wish my best friend was THERE.

    (Picture of crochet tyrannosaurus rex)

    -JS (dictated but not read)

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