Album of the Month

Revolutionary techno-sludge pip-pop group Pizza Cat are at it again with their 4th album “Meow That’s a Hit!” Hailed by Sid Snippin from as the most brilliant concept album since Plip Radsson’s “Gimme Your Smooches, Gimme Your Gooches,” “Meow That’s a Hit!” chronicles the plight of a down and out spaghetti salesman and hits on themes such as neoenvironmentalism, feline pseudopoverty, and magnets. Stand-out tracks include “I H8 Mondays,” “CatMagic: Now You See Me, MEOW You Don’t,” and “Meow That’s Purrrfect.”


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One Response to Album of the Month

  1. Susan Renfro says:

    I will have to checkout this album. It is becoming too hard to find a good record that I can put on and enjoy with my cats and kitties!!! I hope this record jumpstarts a transition back to the heydey of so-called “Cat Scratchers”, albums made with you AND your feline in mind!!!

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