Top-Notch Albums 2010, Get Em While Their Hot, Or Your Not

Top albums 2010.  Thanks to Shirl Swanson, Tony Tannin, and Hern Handlin for all the help in researching the 2010 Music Database For Dummies.  Without further a-do, here it comes, let’s go.  3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

Top Albums 2010 coming at ya.

Here WE GO 

Jaws Haystack and the Pickin’ PilesBarnyard Boppin’:  A landmark rockerbiller, this dainty album shows the renowned 14 piece band finding their softer side, with six tracks about, as bandleader Jaws likes to put it, “spoonin’ and croonin’ with yer missus and wimmens!”  Album closer “Under My Watch, We Will Be Profitable This Winter” features dueling timpani and a high-faluting chant session by the Piles.

Key Tracks:  “A Fist For Fightin’, A Biscuit For Bitin’”, “Slow Dancin’ With Elma Lou Riddiner” 

The Jungle JangleMonkey See, Monkey Do:  A Saga in C-Sharp Minor:  The latest opus from the spazz rock outfit from parts unknown, Monkey See challenges the listener with its dense soundscapes.  If you don’t scream along when lead singer/fungineer Tip Cartright yells “THAT MEANS ONE THING/IT’S TIME TO SKEDADDLE!!!”, you must not have a pulse, or not like this particular type of music, man!

Key Tracks:  “Burn the Proletariat JKJK! (Burn the Bourgeoisie)”, “End Song Ya’ll”

FazerLet’s Get Fazed/Can U Faze It?:  Proving that even boy bands can gain critical adoration, Fazer unleashed this ambitious double album in February, and I personally think it helped usher out winter with its sweet and sassy, red-hot songs about high school relationships and the bewildering lameness of homework.  Standout track “Baby, Let’s Totally Let’s” bounces and bumps with synth washes and lead singer L.B. Frank’s high-pitched woman-speak.

Key Tracks:  “Studyin’ In Heaven”, “I Love U, Respect U, Cherish U”, “P.S. – I Farted ;-)”

Uncle BandDomi Arigato, Piso Mojado:  A bewildering masterpiece from the notoriously reclusive musical genius, this is Ginder Higgins first album since he released Tripping Buddies, Slipping Friends in 1984.  The record’s genre could be best described as progressive-experimental-alt-freakout-post-post-rock.  In an interesting, unparalled move, Uncle Band has refused to release this album publicly; instead he has buried all copies in various graveyards throughout the country.  Great idea!

Key Tracks:  “The Cog Has Become the Machine”, “All My Exes Live in the Outer Reaches of the Milky Way”

 Raggy RoosterRaggy Rooster…Cluckin’ 4 Trouble:  Raggy’s newest mixtape did not disappoint, showing the vaunted MC still knows how to mix dirty beats with alt-country chickin pickin.  Massive world-wide #1 hit “Hustlin’ the Lil’ Doggies” (voted Coolest Song Ever by readers of CoolMag for sets the tone for the rest of the record with its huge horn fanfare and gentle fingepicked steel guitar.

Key Tracks:  “I Can’t Wait To Bang Your Butt”, “Let’s Get Pulled Over By the FBI, Man”

DJ Hagg-N-SkraggsAre You Me?  Nope:  The debut album from the fearless former member of UK dub-tub group Spangler, Are You Me?  Nope invites everyone to come out of the cornfield and dance.  Seriously, every song is literally about nothing but cornfields and dancing.  Fantastic, 5 stars.

Key Tracks:  “Let’s Go To Yr Crnfield”, “Let’s Dance In Yr Crnfld”, “Cfd”

Keith “Over Easy” PeavyHaywire on Honky Tonk:  The 43rd release proper from Nashville cowboymedian Over Easy Peavy shows the old honker tonker is up to his old honkin’ and tonkin’ tricks.  Whether he’s going tonky in “Honk If You Love Me” or belting out the tonkhonker of a tune “Let’s Tonk Later, Ya Tonkey”, Over Easy is always having a good time, and so am I!

Key Tracks:  “Tick Tonk”, “Honky Tonk HonkTonk Tonkers”, “I’m Illiterate”


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