Best Buds: A Story About Pizza

Here are some things I want to do on the Beau and Jason Chrimbus Special:

Try new bars.

  • Suggestions: Bruno’s (on Maple), Fat Harry’s (on St. Charles), Maple Leaf (on Oak), Buddha Belly (on Magazine), R Bar (on Royal), McNulty’s (on Canal by Bulldog).

Tourist night.

  • Hard Rock and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, ya turkey.

Real time drunk blog updates.

  • On the hour, every hour.

Obligatory cocktail hour.

  • Something with bourbon, scotch, or whiskey. There’s that neighborhood bar called Winston’s on Old Metairie that makes a badass sazerac. Maybe a good plan.

Beers I want to drink. One or more of the following to begin the hootenanny.

  • Shiner Black, Abita Abbey Ale, Dundee Honey Brown, Covington Strawberry, a goddamned Barney, or Delerium Tremens.

For your Hef:

  • Our best bet is to try either The Avenue Pub (St. Charles), Bulldog (Canal), or DBA (Frenchman).



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