Awesome Mega Update, On Location in the Oil Patch, Great Job!

Awesome Songs I’ve Discovered While Being Bored As Fuck

The National – Thirsty, Mile Water Wall, Available (From Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)The Temper Trap – Love Lost, Science of Fear (From Conditions)                                     Yeasayer – O.N.E. (From Odd Blood)                                                         

Ten Things I Want To Drink When I Get Home

A good Hefeweizen – I’ve been enjoying Hefs a great deal lately, I’m impartial-anything would be excellent.                                                   

Dirty Martini – Preferably up with three olives and a good gin like Hendricks        

Cheap Domestic Beer – Miller, Coors, Keystone, I don’t give a fuck.  I want to drink a lot of it while playing fun drinking games.            

White Russian – Cheap’s fine, I might even do a daquiri like a big pussy.     

Old-Fashioned – Good bourbon is the only requirement here.             

Margarita – Once again, don’t give a shit, the more liquor and the lower the price the better.                                                                                 

Barney – Go to Chimes, get the red beans and a pint of one of these concoctions, a mix of Purple Haze and Andygator.  Can I get a fuck yeah?                            

Abita – Amber, Purp, AndoGato, The Restorater, Joxamox, X-Mas Batch 9.0, Turb O. Dawg, Litez, Pe-cann Prae-leen, Fallout Festvest, Eric the Red Ale                      

Wine – Sauvignion fierce, freak out; blanc or cab i don’t care             

Shots – Hit em up motha fuckas


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