A few of my favorite National lyrics, and what they mean to me

All we gotta do is be brave and be kind (Baby, We’ll Be Fine) – This song is about looking for someone who believes in you, your work, and loves you enough to tell you everything will be okay.  This line really resonates to me because no matter what, if you face the day (be brave) and don’t be an asshole (be kind), baby, you’ll be fine.

Hey, are you awake (About Today) – I love this line because, to me, it shows a striking straightforwardness in confronting one’s fears about someone who is special to you possibly growing apart from you.

God I’m very, very frightened I’ll overdo it (Slow Show) – Slow Show is the most beautiful love song I have ever heard, fucked up lyrics and all.  It completely encapsulates the genuineness and goofiness that comes with being in love.  As for this particular lyric, it reflects the fear one has in trying to impress that special someone, which can be terrifying for anyone.

Hey, love, we’ll get away with it
We’ll run like we’re awesome, totally genius (The Geese of Beverly Road) – This line reminds me of young love, or even just young friendship.  We’re young, we have no worries – let’s fucking do this.

I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders (Mr. November) – Just reminds me of youthful nostalgia.  Bad memories fade, great ones shine brighter as time passes; stories become legend, gaining new details every time the tale is told.  Gorgeous.

I won’t fuck us over, I’m Mr. November (Mr. November) – Just fucking badass.


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