LSU Nick Names ! ! !

Patrick Peterson – PP7; Kelvin Sheppard – Middle Maniac; Drake Nevis – Tha Penetrator; Richard Murphy – Dick Murphy; Stevan Ridley – Bash Man; Rueben Randle – Tall Strong Man; Russell Shepard – Shifty Powers; Craig Loston – Big Poppa; Sam Montgomery – The Carolina Killer; Mike Brockers – Crusher Curtis; Terrance Toliver – Ken Griffey Jr.; Josh Jasper – Sassy; Jordan Jefferson – QB Eagles; Jarrett Lee – Toby Keith; Ryan Baker – Baker’s Dozen; Les Miles – Coach Man; Deangelo Peterson – Infinity Mijinion; Gary Crowton – Axle the Red

I’m a little drunk btw


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One Response to LSU Nick Names ! ! !

  1. jboud36 says:

    Jai Eugene – Burns McGillicutty; James Stampley – Smash n’ Bash; T-Bob Hebert – T-Bone Gay Bear; Josh Dworaczyk – The White Russian; Gary Crowton – Retardo Stevens

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