LSU Impact Players Possibly

There’s been a lot of negativity here on the Beefer Blog lately, and for good reason-a lot of shit sucks these days.  I figured I’d try to sneak in a positive post in between all of the vitriol that I and Mr. Bobdreaux spew daily.

Here’s a few new LSU players who I think are going to whip some serious ass this year on the field.  The Tigers will have to depend on a ton of underclassmen this year; if they can perform up to their individual talent levels, LSU will have a great year.

Deangelo Peterson, TE – A wide receiver who blocks, Peterson (6-4, 243) will be a dangerous redzone target.  If Crowton doesn’t find a way to get this man the ball, he needs to be fired immediately, then shipped to Alaska.  Peterson will miss the first couple of games with a foot injury, but will be an immediate contributor when he returns.

Sam Montgomery, DE – Big Sam has put on some weight (gotten up to around 250), and there have been reports he was timed in the 4.45 (!) range in the forty.  I do have some questions about his ability to play the run, but I look for him to get a ton of pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  When he and JC transfer Ken Adams (6-5, 255) enter the game at end, QBs will NOT have a lot of time to get rid of the ball.  I could see these guys combining for 20 sack-daddys.

Michael Brockers, DT – There’s only one way to say it-Brockers (6-6, 300) is a fucking beast.  He is a 2-ton man-mountain who eats hammers and can take a shotgun blast standing.  He’s got the size to stuff the middle and the athleticism to make plays in the backfield, ala Glen Dorsey.  He’ll see plenty of action in the DT rotation, and I’d expect him to be starting sooner rather than later.

Tyrann Mathieu, CB – A true freshman, Mathieu (5-9, 180) is not a Patrick Peterson-sized corner, but he is already considered one of the top cover guys on the team.  Look for him to spell Mo Claiborne (6-0, 177) and get a lot of work at nickel.  The future is bright for Tyrann.

James Stampley, FB – A Baker native (holla), Stampley (5-10, 230) played sparingly last season, but it looks like he will get his shot to start this year.  Apparently he has broken 16 face masks in summer practices.  Holy fuck.  If he can come in and play near the level that Quinn Johnson did, the Tigers running game will be damn good this year.

James Wright, WR – Wright (6-2, 197) has been the best of a great group of incoming freshman wideouts, getting rave reviews for his practice performance from the coaches.  With Chris Tolliver (6-1, 178) out with a concussion, I think Wright will get a lot of time at 4th WR and will be a great weapon out of 4-wide sets.


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One Response to LSU Impact Players Possibly

  1. jboud36 says:

    Brockers and Stampley are flat out terrifying.

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