Turkeys 2: Turkey’s Crest

So, Beeftember will soon be here and here are some real shit-kickers of ideas:

1. Obviously, we will be going to both home games in Beeftember and probably the first one in Doctober.

2. Best friend #1 has a boifday. I will leave those plans to your discretion.

3. Zephyrs games – there’s really only one we could go to, and that would be Monday Sept-o 6. Maybe, maybe not.

4. Singin’/songwritin’/jambin’ – I have a few (probably terrible) progressions to play with.

5. Cocktail hours. Lots of them. Here are some to try:
Whiskey stinger (whiskey and pep-pep schnapps)
AWOL (basically a godfather with a splash or orange juice and lime juice)
Bourbon Collins
Bourbon sidecar (bourbon, triple sec, lemon)
Shamrock (whiskey and kahlua and milk; basically a whiskey white russian)

6. Uptown drinkin’ town – We’ve never gone bar hopping in the NO garden district, and there are some great bars there.

more to come, mr. bones


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