Trip update

I have booked us a quad room. Payment needs to be submitted by October 10. See you there.


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Beach Trip Do’s and Dew’s

The big beach trip is coming up, and all the contributors to the blog must be in attendance. Don’t forget your press passes and Budbuzz sidekick blogging devices. All dues are dew to Dale Warmhearted Jr. By the 14th of whenever. Dues break down as follows

Party Axcess – $670 – includes 3D ID bracelets, Heineken mini kegs, a Hydro Thunder arcade cabinet, and two Meal Deal coupons

Party Access – $352 – includes two fire axes and a smaller hatchet for self-defense purposes

Wardrobe Augmentation – $890.54 – state of the art technology will allow American flags, tribal designs, and camp patterns to be superimposed on one’s skin and clothing

DKC 2 Fee – on the house – includes a copy of Donkey Kong Country 2

Beer Monies – $12,545 – all you can drink bud platinums, skyy blue sports, and 100 proof hot damn

Flora Bama Fund – £120 – will provide transportation to the bar in a monster truck and allowances for the Lobster Grabber game

Insurance – $140/month – better to be safe than sorry. Used for emergencies involving total liquor loss

Hats? – 45 pesos – must be cowboy


1. Drive down interstate 10

2. ????????

3. Profit


Add yours hear! Bo – Big Bear
JBonez – Dr. Nasty

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Shit I ate

So the rugrat’s in the living room watching Corporate Raiders form Dimension X on her portable dvd player: time to break fast.



Yield: 4 pcs (if you use 4 peices of bread) – otherwise you can do the math, I’m hungover.

Chance of rain: never

Blody Mary mix
Powdered sugar

1) Make some toast asshole. I use a toaster oven, cooks it more evenly.

2) Melt 4 tbs butter. Real butter. Don’t make toast with margarine or vegetable spread, that shits for scuzz balls.

3) put some cinnamon in the butter (don’t know the exact amount, Jesus you’re needy)

4) add powdered sugar to the butter stuff until it looks like cake icing. Add vanilla extract if you want, you can find it in the bait and tackle section of your local super store.

5) spread on toast and stuff it down your gullet.

6) mix remaining ingredients and and pour over ice.

Damn nutrition, you tasty.

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Live blog from Emery power gospel hour

Start here:
Chimes shrimp and gritz : 8.72/13

Location: Spanish Moon
Time: 20:08

Horses and Airwaves: as satisfying as a fake poop prank. Blegh…

Wow, and the Internet huh
Qe are seeing the band enet
Live bloggin o can’t believe it
Emery emergency
Medd meddle metallic

This band is good but they’re no demon day #demondaymurderfest
This is Dr nasty. Just lissnin to jambs eatin some hams
Dr nasty out

Keep sceillin

Keep scrolling i mean

Great Job

Vocalists shirt is off, shits getting real, talk.

This is where my member gets rock hard.

“this ones about a teacher that inspired me to do my best, no matter what… scream whomp whop whomp dun dun dun dunnnn”

Proposed NEW Christian Metal Band : Between the Lord and Me.

Next band (Smyth ling live stone beer?) – “Yeah…Yeah… Yeah”
I ah don’t know what this guy’s saying.

What a mess, ever heard of zip ties?


“here comes the breakdown”

‘so, here’s my knife because I came for the buffet”


Boo, party song? …

Great song

Great song

Great song

‘We don’t really feel like walking off stage and then coming back for a last song. So, we’re going to turn around and face the wall after this next song. Let us know of you want to hear another.” – Toby


Overall score: 17/4.32

Happy birthday America.

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Firsday Drinkin GamEZ (EZ,get it?)

13:38- Johnny strikes onest… 2 microbrews down. (can’t spell the name, I’m in $Texas ya dummies)

Oh, I got Drinkin Boots on suckas…

20:50 – I’m in TEXAS too, currently drinking zero microbrews.

How did the NBA Draft go? Here’s how it went: #1 pick Dunkman Dangus to the New Jerzey Jentleman #2 pick Frank Crinket to the Dutch National Team #5 pick Bass K. to the Washingtonio Who cares

Politics news: Government voted today on four new taxes and three new laws; Government picked Grary Grears #35 in the NBA Draft. Grary vetoed all the new billz and the taxez

Updates will be updated when we receive telegrahams

16:00- Johnny and I brung my +1, Mr Australia. And this… imageLook at that graphite ^

19:106 – Tank Top Talks

Pros: Stylish, Breathability, Flexability, Good for the Penny Pinchers (no wasted fabrics)

Cons: Do Not Support Pearl Snaps (ie cowboy shirts), Storage, Jealousy (possible retributions for ?)

Final Verdict: A-


10:47-double B+Cs, Yeh I’m an astrology major.

“I got my swagger back”… Rap musical… Broadway… Pdiddy… As himself and big pun. Should follow closely the plot of wwwest, except x10 the mechanical spyders.

Do it, we make mucho hondo.

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Live updates from jash beans barfday

1. Drink 10+ abv beers
2. Woffle house
3. Here w go tigersaaz
4. Eating beer n drinking beer
5. Build with LEGOS
6. haapy birthday Josh huh
7. Owe me checks, oh me secks
9. Eight
10. Legs go LEGOSSSSS

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